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Southern Alberta

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What We Do: S.E.V.A.

As indicated in the Traffic Safety Act of Alberta, Sikhs who wear turbans are exempt from the mandatory helmet laws in Alberta. The turban, also known as the "dastaar” was gifted by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to the five beloved ones (Punj Pyare) upon their initiation into the Khalsa. This gift served to distinguish the Punj Pyare from others, and the turban became a symbol of a warrior king - a symbol that continues to this day.


As youth adopt more western ways of knowing, the way to deliver the message of Sikhism must be modified accordingly, therefore Sikh MC South AB uses motorcycle riding as a vessel to disseminate information about the significance of the turban to surrounding communities.

Why Sikh MC South AB?

Sikh MC South AB uses pop-culture and the shared interest of motorcycle riding to encourage curiosity about Sikhism among the community, especially among youth. Through our modern approach, the organization aspires to continue expanding knowledge about Sikhism and ensure that future generations reflect upon the sacrifices of the Gurus and the significance of the turban. While traditional methods such as Shabad, Kirtan, Gurbani, and Santhya will always be crucial, Sikh MC South AB recognizes the importance of connecting with youth first to effectively transmit teachings of Sikhism. By building this connection, the organization aims to foster community and youth engagement, leading to a deeper understanding and connection to Sikhi.


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