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The Sikh Motorcycle Club in Southern Alberta (Sikh MC South AB) offers social and educational opportunities for its members and the community who are interested in participating in acts of “seva”- a central tenet of Sikhism that directly translates to “acts of selfless service.”

Sikh MC South AB aims to promote understanding of seva through community service and education. By fostering dialogue through motorcycle riding and seva, Sikh MC South AB also hopes to contribute to the expanding cultural diversity of Alberta and give back to the community.

Sikh MC South AB was founded in 2022 by a group of young Sikhs who wanted to find a medium to honour their faith, culture and traditions, while pursuing their passion for motorcycles. The club was established in December 2022 with 27 charter members, who were united in their enthusiasm for motorcycle riding, desire to promote Sikh ideology, and their dedication to serve the community.

"Riding a motorcycle is more than just a mode of transportation - it is a spiritual journey, a chance to embrace the open road with open arms. As a Sikh, there is no greater feeling than the freedom of the open road, with the principles of our Gurus guiding the way."


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